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  1. Julie Murtha

    How very revealing you are Matthew Gudernacht! In way, I wish I didn’t relate to all you are saying inasmuch as I try to stay in denial regarding my own depression. It is a lazy woman’s way of keeping the monster at bay. Anger and remorse always lead to a large amount of tears accompanied by sobs of real sorrow, followed by puffy eyes, sinusitis and relief. And often a burst of creativity, yes a creative output of some sort such as writing good prose about my mother, or a poem honoring a deceased friend or a grandkid’s Birthday or graduation. In the “good old days” ” Get thee to a stage”was my motto and cure all and I loved the agonies of rehearsal and the glory of performance and the thrill of applause.
    Applause is so very curative and so ephemeral. Breathe, meditate, pray for redemption. Out, out damned depression (spot).
    Remember that play about colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enough? All I can say is that rainbows are rare and sadness often prevails.

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